Marta Shpak Prague 2011 web

An Honoured Artist of Ukraine, Marta Shpak, delivered her solo concert in Prague. The organizer of the holiday event has become a creative team in the Czech Republic «Ukrainian family» headed by Joseph Klymkovych.

The music event of Ukrainian song was held at the Fakultni základní škola - school - Umělecká 8, Praha 7. Spectators were amazed by the talented, beautiful singer and her unusually gentle voice. They applauded with sparkled tears in their eyes. Of course, besides author songs, Marta sang Ukrainian folk compositions together with all the guests, which helped them for a moment return to their native county - its beautiful land, blue sky, and sincere parental love.

After the concert, Marta Shpak gave autographs to people and presented her CDs. Then, there was a "tasty" afterparty with dancings that lasted to the late night. A young singer was grateful for hospitality in the beautiful European country. Also, the singer visited the Ukrainian restaurant "Dnister," which is located in the center of Prague, where Marta visited the best unique and historical places in the Czech Republic's capital.

Marta Shpak is grateful to everyone for such a warm reception and a high level of organization of her concert in Prague. "Dear Ukrainians in the Czech Republic, I wish you to be happy and hope that my songs will be a joy for your hearts and will help you in difficult times," - said Marta Shpak.


@Marta Shpak 2011.