MartaShpak Povstanske TangoOn October 18, 2011, the Lviv Regional Philharmonic hosted a presentation of the book of poems "In the Webs of Two Closures" and the release of the music album "Povstanske Tango". The author is a well-known public figure Olga Ilkiv or Roksolyana - a liaison of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army Commander-in-chief, Roman Shukhevych, a political prisoner of Soviet prisons for 14 years.

Together with Orest Tsymbala and the "Vysokyy zamok" Orchestra, led by Grammy winner Andriy Yatskiv, singer Marta Shpak performed songs based on Ms. Ilkiv's poems, which are included in the album "Povstanske Tango."

"This project is a valuable historical addition to the book and significant contribution to the history of Ukrainian music, especially multiple layers of Ukrainian insurgent songs. They are a source of inexhaustible energy, evidence of tragic Ukrainian history, feelings of great love and unbridled desire to stand for faithfully for Ukraine" - this is how this brave woman Ilkiv responded to the event.

The concert also featured children's folk group "Malenki boiky" from Pereginske led by an Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine - Nataliya Shpak and Anna Chichak. In addition, young performers returned everyone to a distant childhood by traditional songs and kolomyiky.

Oksana Korol hosted the festive event. The project also included a photo exhibition of UIA.

The Ukrainian spirit is unbreakable! Our song and fertile land, our talents and sincere faith in God - are great gifts that we must preserve and develop. Whatever the future holds in the world in terms of tomorrow, we should follow the example of such strong and wise people as Olga Ilkiv. Therefore, even in the most challenging times, let this prayer of "In the webs of two closures" with modest but sincere words to be always with us: "Help me, God, to maintain my willpower, clarity of thought and steadily serve the ideas of the Ukrainian Nation!"

@Marta Shpak 2011