There is the wisdom of the past and the tireless energy of the future in Marta Shpak's music. Her voice moves the hearts of people around the world, and her songs, like a breath of fresh air, open up the beauty of the soul of Ukraine, its people, language and values.


Marta Shpak (Марта Шпак) is a Ukrainian folk-pop singer, songwriter, actress, and choreographer with a unique lyric voice and a strong track record of education. Music and Beauty Business professional. She delighted thousands of people throughout several European countries and Canada with her beautiful and powerful singing.

Shpak first started performing professionally at the age of five and has released five albums. She holds a Master's Degree in Arts from York University (Theater and Performance Studies Program) and the National Academy of Managerial Staff of Culture and Arts of Ukraine in Kyiv (Choreography and Management). In addition, the singer has been named "An Honored Artist of Ukraine" in recognition of her more than nine years of dedication and successful work as the main soloist of the State Ensemble of songs and dance of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Early life

Marta was born in the Perehinske of the Ivano-Frankivsk region. From childhood, music has become her primary hobby. Playing the piano and taking vocal, dancing, and acting classes at children's school of arts, she performed with the exemplary folk ensemble "Malenki Boiky."

At the age of five, Marta and her sister Ann went out on the professional stage for the first time. Thanks to their mother, Natalya Shpak, sisters won All-Ukrainian and International music competitions and festivals, performing folk and authors songs. She was their main inspiration and favourite teacher.


Marta entered the State College of arts in Chernivtsi, where she studied at the "Choreography" faculty. Then, residing in Bukovyna, she began her career as a solo singer, collaborating with the composer and famous vocal instructor - Oksana Kyryliuk.


The singer entered the National Academy of the Leading staff of Culture and Arts in Kyiv, where she earned Master's degrees in "Modern choreography" and "Management of organizations." She took part in many concerts of People's artists of Ukraine, Maryan Gadenko and Liliya Sandulesa.


Marta Shpak became the soloist of the State Ensemble of songs and dance of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and the actress of the poetic theatre "Mushlya" ("The Shell") led by a director – Sergiy Arkhypchuk.


A singer worked as a vocalist with musicians and sound-producers Mykhaylo Nekrasow, Sergiy Gera (Molotov20), Dima Cyperdiuk and Hrygoriy Ignatovych ("Dazzle Dreams"). With "Atlantic Records," Shpak released the Ethno-electro album "Enlighted."


Marta Shpak presented her first music video - "V nebi zironka," directed by Taras Khymych.


a young artist continued to build her career in the capital of Ukraine and participated in the recording of the album Ukrainian rock band "S.K.A.I.'. Together with the frontman Oleg Sobchuk, musicians recorded a "Story "duet. The video for this song was filmed by director L.E.R.T. from the U.S.A.


A Singer presented an original musical project "Insurgent Tango" (Povstanske Tango) with the author of this project Orest Cymbala, poet – Olga Ilkiv, and academic instrumental ensemble "Vysokyy zamok" (Lviv).


Marta Shpak and children's folklore ensemble "Malenki Boiky" represented Ukraine at the Vatican, in honour of the Ukrainian Christmas tree at St. Peter's Square, and in Moscow - celebrating Ukraine's Day in Russia and the Anniversary of Ukrainian poet and Kobzar Taras Shevchenko.


Shpak toured Canada (Winnipeg, Montreal and Toronto). After returning home, she supported Ukrainians with her performances at the beginning of the Euro Revolution on the main stage of Maidan in Kyiv.


Marta was a passionate supporter of Peace and Freedom for the Ukrainian Nation and its people in their struggle to obtain true freedom and democracy during the ongoing tragic events and war that is currently happening in Ukraine. She performed at many Ukrainian meetings and concerts: Independence Day at Centennial Park (Toronto), FOLKLORAMA Festival ("Spirit of Ukraine Pavilion," Winnipeg, Manitoba), 65th Anniversary of The League of Ukrainian Canadians (Toronto), Christmas shows in Montreal. In addition, a singer sang in memory of the "Heavenly Hundred" and the Heroes who died in the war.


Marta Shpak is a student in Canada. She is taking a Career exploration course at Sheridan College and Business English for International professionals program at the University of Toronto. A talented artist performs at Ukrainian festivals and fundraising events. She collaborates with Canadian multi-instrumental musician, songwriter and producer Denny DeMarchi, notable as a rock concert tour musician for the well-known Irish band "The Cranberries" and Dolores O'Riordan during her Solo world's tours. DeMarchi is also known for his role as the keyboardist who played the signature keyboard notes for the famous 1990 No. 1 Billboard hit song "More Than Words Can Say," which features his brother, Steve DeMarchi.



In collaboration with Denny DeMarchi and Roman Virastyuk, Marta Shpak released her new song "Zolota," dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of the Independence Day of Ukraine.


Marta Shpak is taking the "Acting for Film and Television" course at the Toronto Academy of Acting under movie director George D'Amato from the U.S.A., known for "The Final" (1998), "Blur" (2015) and "Palace Guard" (1991).


Recording artists Marta Shpak and Denny DeMarchi released their debut music video, "Christmas Day." Filmed in Canada and Ukraine by Francis Coral Mellon and Volodymyr Mussur. The song touched the hearts of the Christmas and New Year Holiday Season.


Marta Shpak won a Gant and started her M.A. Theatre and Performance Program at the Faculty of Arts, Media, Performance & Design within the Centre of Film and Theatre. Her research work based on the Culture of Politics and Environmental Activism, Performance Ethnography and Multiculturalism, supervised by Dr. Magdalena Kazubowski-Houston – associate Professor of York University. The singer is invited to perform and work for the Ethnographic Research-Creation Project "The Morning I Died…" by Lynn Hutchinson Lee in collaboration with Rajat Nayyar, Becky Gold, Shawn Kazubowski-Houston, Amadeus Kazubowski-Houston and Centre for Imaginative Ethnography and Sensorium.


Shpak defended her Master's Degree in A.R.T. (Theatre and Performance Studies program) from York University.


Marta Shpak is taking Music Business Diploma Program at Metalworks Institute, working on her English Album and upcoming music videos; continuing research in Culture of Politics and Environmental Activism; preparing for the annual World Children, Youth, and Performance Conference.


Music Tours

From the beginning of her singing career, Marta Shpak travelled worldwide to share her music and Ukrainian culture at international festivals in Canada, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Serbia. After her concerts in Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, and St. Katharine (Canada), Marta became one of the most beloved overseas singers for Ukrainians and foreign audiences. As a result, a singer has received numerous invitations to perform in North and Latin America. 


A singer allows herself to be proud of her achievement, her fans' support, and the gratitude of thousands of listeners worldwide, which gives the singer inspiration and strength to work with more extraordinary dedication. 

In 2009 - Marta Shpak received National Award "An Honored Artist of Ukraine" from the hands of the President of Ukraine.

Many victories and awards from childhood are significant for her and will always occupy a special place in the singer's heart.


Here are just some of them:

  • "The Song Premiere" 2008, Grand-Prix
  • "Golden barn" 2007, Grand-Prix
  • "Autumn Randewua" 2006, Grand-Prix
  • "Тhe West of 21 century", Grand-Prix
  • "Volodymyr 2004", Grand-Prix
  • "On Svityaz waves" 2004, 2nd prize
  • "Wesprem 2002", Hungary, 3rd prize
  • "Kyiv Student Spring 2006", 1st prize
  • "The Song of Heart" 2001, 3rd prize
  • "The Vernisage of Songs," 2001, 1st prize
  • "The Ukrainian Family," 2004, 1st prize
  • "The Ancient castle," 2000, 1st prize
  • "Тhe sunrise," 1995, 3rd prize
  • "The Fortune's Nightingale,"
  • Chernivtsi 1995, 2nd prize in genres "author song" and "folk song."
  • "The Singing Family," Kyiv 1995, 2nd prize


There are five total different albums in Shpak's creative work. Modern electronics, folk songs, art poetry, and melodic music - a world of love, peace, and gratitude.


2006 – "Enlighted' (Osyaini), Molotov 20, Marta Shpak, Sergiy Gera & R.C. "Atlantic."

The modern treatment of traditional Ukrainian folk music.


2008 – “A daybreak” (Na Svitanku), Marta Shpak. 

The first solo album of author songs.


2009 – “Songs of Boykivschyna” (Boikivski spivanky), Marta Shpak & Mykhaylo Tymophiiv. 

A unique collection of authentic songs (kolmyiky, haivky, ladkanky, wedding ancient and love's songs) of village Perehinske.


2011 – "Insurgent Tango" (Povstanske Tango). Marta Shpak, Orest Cymbala, Olga Ilkiv and "Vysokyy Zamok."

Songs of the poet and the Hero of Ukraine – Olga Ilkiv. The album is an essential contribution to the history of the Ukrainian tango and the hard Ukrainian destiny of fighting for Freedom.


2013 – "V nebi zironka". Marta Shpak.

Contemporary Ukrainian folk & author songs arranged by music producer Igor Balan.


2021 – "Leleka". Marta Shpak. Best Songs.

These days, Marta Shpak writes new songs, creates choreography for her upcoming performances, participates in social charitable events, and works tirelessly on herself.