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Marta Shpak is a folk-pop singer, songwriter, actress, and choreographer with a unique lyric voice and musical talent. Beauty Business Professional. She delighted thousands of people throughout several European countries and Canada with her beautiful and powerful singing.

Shpak first started performing professionally at the age of five and has released five albums.

In 2009, she was named “An Honored Artist of Ukraine. “

A singer holds a Master’s Degree in ART (Theatre and Performance Studies program) from York University and in Choreography from the National Academy of Leading Staff of Culture and Art of Ukraine.

"It is with a big privilege for me to represent music and culture of Ukraine in the world and improve my artistic experience within Canadian professionals," - says Marta Shpak. "Ethnic music is interesting and diverse; it can inspire the world community and attract attention to its country's culture, history, and talented people. I am also grateful to grow as a scholar, studying at York University and bringing my Ukrainian academic experience to North America." 
Currently, Marta Shpak is working on her first English Album and upcoming music videos; collaborating with Canadian and Ukrainian musicians, and continuing her research based on Culture of Politics and Environmental Activism.
Supporting her nation during the difficult times of defending Dignity and Freedom, Marta Shpak intends to call society to help wounded children from the frontlines and conflict zones. With her humanitarian mission, a singer wants to get attention from the "people of power" and media to make positive changes towards helping charitable children's organizations.
Suppose you are a connoisseur of world music, including Ukrainian, and you are interested in an original interpretation of folk and author songs - the singer Marta Shpak kindly invites you to her official web resources to listen and watch her new releases. Please, leave your comments and feedback on social networks. Marta is happy to have communication with everyone – she hopes that her music can bring more love, peace, beauty, and gratitude to our lives so together we can make good changes and support beautiful music.
"Today, I am calling everyone to help Ukraine fight brutal full-scale military invasion of Ukraine that Russian federation launched on February 24th and support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Thank you very much, everyone. God bless you 🙏" (Marta Shpak)
#StandWithUkraine #СлаваУкраїні


Maidan 2012 webTraditionally, on August 24th, the celebration of the Independence of Ukraine on the Main Square in Kyiv (Maidan Nezhalegnosti) represents ambitious art events and grand concerts featuring the stars of the country. However, this year was special because there was a beautiful and colourful parade of Easter eggs for the first time, initiated by Oleg Skrypka, and a concert of folk ensembles under the patronage of the TV project "Folk-Music."

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