(UKR) “В небі зіронька”

Marta Shpak is excited to finally present to fans of her work and Ukrainians worldwide her most-recent album “The Star in Heaven”. The love for her native country, the appreciation for each lived minute of life, along with the passing of the seasons, traditional Ukrainian holidays and gentle and even playful romance, all continue with the pleasant voice of and illumination by the singer.
Song arrangements were done by the best musicians in Ukrainian show business: Ihor Balan of “Akvia-Vita”, Serhiy Hera of “Shura”, Henadiy Puhachov and Oleksandr Unytskyj. Contributions to this album include: Marta Shpak’s originally-written pieces, songs by the legendary Mykola Mozhovyj with lyrics by Andriy Demodenko, songs by Ostap Havrysh, and Mykola Svediuk with lyrics by Maria Boyko, a song with lyrics by Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko “My Evening Star” (arr. O.I. Stadnyk). To this last song, Marta gave ‘new life’, thanks to the motivation which is gifted to her by her favorite kobzar/writer on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of his birth. Ukraine will be celebrating this event in 2014.
Also on this album is the song “Where are you now” with music by Ihor Shamo , which was brought into the world by the unforgettable Kvitka Cisyk. Marta considers it very important to remember such outstanding musical contributions and the people, who created them for Ukraine. She whole-heartedly sings this piece as well! The Christmas carol “Stands the Linden Tree” from her first album “Osyani” is also presented here, in a somewhat new interpretation by Serhiy Hera.
Furthermore, Marta performs the song “Istoria” with Oleh Sobchuk (frontman for the group S.K.A.Y.), “The Star in Heaven”, and several folk-styled and Lemko songs, without which the content of her creative work (whose mission it is to develop and carry into the world the Ukrainian culture) would be hard to imagine. The centrepiece of this album is the remix of the song “Leleka”, which remains one of Marta’s most popular numbers.
In addition, this album includes Marta’s best video-works and performances from major concerts given all over Ukraine, together with the theatrical contemporary dance of “Eridan”, the children’s folkloric ensemble “Malenki Boyky”, and the National Academy of Song and Dance (Ministry of Internal Affairs in Ukraine) which she prepared by popular demand by her supporters.
The presentations of this album by Marta Shpak has already taken place in Canada at world-renowned festivals and at a variety of creative events in Winnipeg, in Toronto for Ukraine’s Independence Day August 24, and in Montreal at a Ukrainian festival and in other cities of this wonderful country!
Marta Shpak and her creative team sincerely thank everyone attached to the creation of such a wonderful collection of new works and especially those supporters, who give them first of all faith in the carrying out of these ideas and great encouragement to their realization.
It is expected that the warmth of the young Ukrainian soul which lives in these songs, you will experience always and forever. Moreover, the new melodies in union with the original sound of Marta’s voice and the soulful texts of the songs will newly open for you Ukrainian music and its modern culture!
It is not by accident that the name of the album “The Star in Heaven” is connected with the fact that in the skies over Ukraine, there is actually a bright and certain young talented Ukrainian woman, who has become a “Star” herself by the name of Marta Shpak!

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