“Boik’s songs”

On the 21 of February, 2009 Marta Shpak presented to Ukraine her songs collection “Boikivski Spivanky (The Boik Songs)”, that is a unique CD with songs of Rozhniativskyi district, Ivano-Frankivsk region, including of village Perehinske. The singer together with the orchestra of folk instruments headed by Mykhailo Tymifiev, Honoured culture person of Ukraine, sang in authentic way the Boik kolomyiky, haivky, koliadky, wedding ladkanky, striletski songs, love songs, which she collected with her mother Nataliia Shpak on the native land. Unique timbre of the singer’s voice truly discovers in Boik songs the beauty, love, variety, uniqueness, and tragedy of our history. Melodious sounds of violin, tsymbaly, pipe, tylynka, drymba, and other musical instruments, that accompany Marta Shpak’s singing, pull the heartstrings of the spectators and evoke national consciousness and love towards Ukraine!!! The CD goes with small book, in which one can find detailed information about history of this land and look through the photos of Marta Shpak in ancient boik dresses designed exclusively for “Boikivski Spivanky (The Boik Songs)”.

… “I am lucky that I was born and grew up in the picturesque Perehinske, where glorious Boiks have been receiving great energy from curative spring waters, fertile lands, bright blue and sometimes dangerously gloomy skies for centuries. I am proud of my family, of courageous hard-working countryman and dedicate this CD to all Boiks, who still courageously defend authenticity and originality of our history, culture, rites, traditions, rituals, our ancestors’ fortitude, courage, wisdom, agility, diligence, love for songs, dances, and true faith in God.

Each song of this collection lives in my heart from the early childhood. It carries in itself the small history of our glorious past and great energy that leaves no heart of Ukrainians indifferent. “Boikivski Spivanky (The Boik Songs)” is an instance and a symbol of ancient wisdom, tireless work and dedication to native land of our ancestors, who used to say – “Not by word, but by deed build your future…!!!”

I want to give thanks for cooperation in creation of this songs collection, materials search, recording and mastering, colourful printing materials and design to Yarema Novytskyi and “Talia” publishing firm, to my dear mother Nataliia Shpak and grandmother Pavlina Moshura, to Maria Podorozhniuk, to pan Mykhailo Stefaniuk, Oksana Kyryliuk, Ihor Fetsiak, Roman Yatsyshyn, Head of Rozhniativskyi Regional State Administration and Regional Council, “Kuznia” sound-recording studio, “6 Seconds” recording company, “Little Boiks” ensemble, and to “Mushlia” Kyiv theatre of poetry headed by Serhii Arkhypchuk.

Let’s be Ukrainians with big hearts! And Let the God help us! Marta Shpak!”

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