Marta Shpak childen

On May 16, 2011, Singer Marta Shpak came to children school number 68 of the Podilsk district of Kyiv to support action "Stars against child cruelty". In this school, all the pupils are orphanages. Their eyes, despite the smile, are hiding a spark of sadness. But, the whole team with teachers and students is one big friendly family. Therefore, the communication atmosphere was cozy and welcomed.

An Honored Artist of Ukraine, Marta Shpak, told the audience about their child's cherished dream – to be a Singer. A simple girl from the Ivano-Frankivsk region has been working hard on herself from the early years – studied at the music school, seized playing piano and vocal. It was essential to attract a dream and money for her next steps in her music career, including education. Thanks to this dream, thanks to the love for Ukrainian songs, Marta overcame many difficulties and managed to succeed. Singer accused the children of this simple truth – to put a goal and go boldly to it, despite the obstacles. But at the same time – we always to be kind and do not betray our principles. "Believe me, your kindness will bring you lots of money," – said Marta.

These kids, who grow without parental love, don't have an easy destiny. Marta tried to give them confidence in their abilities to work and look for opportunities to gain success. She stated that you are implementing the most unattainable goal if you want something and working hard on that dream. After the introduction, she sang her songs filled with love for his native land, people, and nature.

Children thanked the actress for coming to them and presented their handmade gifts. "We put so much love and effort to protect you and help to gain even bigger success," – commented one student.

May 16, 2011.