Marta ShpakjpgAfter entering the college of Arts in Chernivtsi and starting her solo singing career in Bukovyna, Marta Shpak was getting popular in the Rozhnyativ region - singer's homeland. Moreover, her songs are getting popular among the young generation all over Ukraine.

 Since childhood, a singer was performing with her sister Anna and winning many prizes in music competitions and festivals. Now, the star of Marta Shpak is shining brighter and brighter on the singing sky of Ukraine and the international stage. I remember how her voice with the lyric song "Na svitanku" supported Maidan Nezalezhnosti during the Orange Revolution. A few months later, this track was on the National Radio Station. Every morning, I would wake up to listen to it because this melody was in my mind all day long, making me feel good. I also remember her performance during the concert of People's Artist of Ukraine Lilia Sandulesa in Rozhnyativ. Marta collaborates with this famous singer for a few years already.

Studying at the National Academy of Managerial Staff of Culture and Arts of Ukraine, Marta is working hard to record new music. I hold her Grand-Prix award of the National Radio Company of Ukraine and International singing festival "Dolya." A talented singer gained it during the Ukrainian Radio Festival of modern romance "Autumn Randevous 2006", held in Myrgorod, Poltava Region.

I must say that her singing destiny is growing and blossoming like flowers in spring. After two days of the festival, all the judges headed by the People's Artist of the USSR, Dmytro Hnatyuk, decided that Marta Shpak deserves the leading award of the contest - Grand-Prix. Dmytro Hnatyuk said to Marta: "Your performances make us happy and give us hope that your vocal skills and beauty are the worthy future of our country." It was immense happiness to Marta to hear these words from such great artists of Ukraine.

To work on a music career, Marta Shpak was inspired and taught by her mother, Nataliya Shpak. A talented singer is always grateful to her parents for such an artistic destiny and priceless knowledge. Likewise, she saves dearly her grandmother's lessons, who taught her granddaughter how to sing "boykivsky ladkanky" and kolomyiky – traditional folk songs of the Boiko region. And we, her fellow countrymen, are very proud of this talented singer Marta Shpak.

"News of Pidhiriya". 
Article by Myroslava Voloshyn.
@Marta Shpak 2007