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Marta Shpak has presented her first solo concert, "Na Svitanku" (A Daybreak). It was a great show of Ukrainian songs in the Rozhnyativ region.

Marta Shpak holds 4 Grand Prix of music international competitions and festivals. In addition, she is the lead soloist of the State Academic Ensemble of song and dance of the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Ukraine.


At the concert, a talented singer impressed spectators with the original beautiful stylistic costumes. Her unique lyric voice and vocal charmed the crowd, who were scanning 'bravo' and 'encore' during the entire concert. Every song was like a small performance that showed Marta's life from her childhood. It was so touching to see many people with tears in their eyes. They greeted and honoured Shpak with many flowers and presents.


Marta Shpak performed in a duet with her sister Anna. And, many well-known artists gladly joined this show:

  • Children folk ensemble "Malenki boiky" led by Nataliya Shpak,
  • Marta's cousin Alina Moshura,
  • Theatre of modern dance 'Eridan',
  • Valeriy Syrotyuk, who recorded a video greeting from Israel,
  • Priest Vitold Levytskyy, who remembered Marta's first performances since her childhood,
  • Composer and vocal instructor Oksana Kyrylyuk from Chernivtsi,
  • Vira Parypa and Volodymyr Kovalenko from Ivano-Frankivsk,
  • Maryan Gadenko, Iryna Makeeva and Serhiy Arkhypchuk from Kyiv.

Marta Shpak is grateful for all the support and helping during concert preparation to her parents, the Chichak family, Oksana Kyrylyuk, Maryan Gadenko, company "Talya" and Yarema Novytskyy.


@Marta Shpak 2008.