Ukrainian singer Marta Shpak performed in Prague

June 5, 2011 in Prague successfully held a concert Honored Artist of Ukraine Marta Shpak.

The organizer of the holiday event has become a creative team in the Czech Republic «Ukrainian family» headed by Joseph Klymkovych.
Excellent holiday of Ukrainian song was held at the school (Fakultni základní škola) Umělecká 8, Praha 7. Viewers were shocked by wonderful concert of Ukrainian singer Marta Shpak. Their applause is not abated, and the eyes often sparkled tears of excitement in the heart that kindled in the same time powerful and unusually gentle voice of the beautiful and talented Ukrainian singer. Of course, Martha sang Ukrainian folk songs too together with guests, which helped for a moment all thoughts return to his native country … its beautiful land, blue sky and sincere parental love.
After the concert, Marta Shpak gave autographs for people, took fotos, and presented her CD’s.
Then was funny “tasty” party with dancing that lasted late into the night – everything like in Ukraine and Ukrainian hospitality, that lives in this beautiful European country.
Also, the singer visited the Ukrainian restaurant “Dnister”, which is located in the center of Prague and visited the best unique and historic places in Czech Repablic’s capital.
Marta Shpak is grateful to everyone for such a warm reception and organization of the concert at a high level!
“Be happy, dear Ukrainian in Czech Republic, I sincerely believe that my songs wil be a joy for your hearts and will help you in difficult times. With respect and love, Marta Shpak…”