New painting by Ukrainian Artist Andrei Nekrasov in Art Collection of Marta Shpak

A few days ago,  in the home of the Ukrainian Culture Fund on Lipska St. the grand opening of the main painting artist of the Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of MIA of Ukraine, An Honored Artist of Ukraine – Andriy Nekrasov was held. His work is popular not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. In many valuable art collections of people from Europe,
Canada, USA and Australia, there are his paintings. This time Andrey Nekrasov presented the results of his popular viewership over the last year. The exhibition of paintings “Still Life” consisted of about 20 works,
which even in the middle of the summer was affected by a multitude of bright colors.

After reviewing the exhibition, the Commander of Internal Troops of Ukraine Lt. Gen. Stanislav Shulyak aptly noted that the work of Andriy Valentinovytch brings us to the perception of the world in bright colors. “Colors convey life and the bright colors in Nekrasov’s paintings lead us to believe that life is very much colorful.” Moreover, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Vitaliy Zakharchenko exclaimed: “The paintings of Andriy Nekrasov are like stiffened music on canvas.” At the art event were present even the Commander of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Major General Vasily Moldavchuk, a member of Ukrainian Culture Fund Roman Lun, a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine
Vasyl Korchynskyj, First Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine Anatoliy Murakhovskiy and an actor from the “Wheel” Theatre Andriy Frost.

It’s wonderful that such a talented artist and is also an especially friendly man! After all, with him it is not only
pleasant to collaborate, but he also supports many young and aspiring artists of Ukraine, which is particularly important for the development of such a young country, rich with talented people. Furthermore, at this exhibition Anna Akhmad from Donetsk was represented. Her paintings became a highlight of this great

Marta Shpak also attended this grand opening and greeted all the guests by singing the song “Oh at Mount, the Roman is blooming” (words by Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko). As an Honored Artist of Ukraine, Marta is happy to be co-operating with Mr. Andriy Nekrasov in the ensemble of Song and Dance at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. She recently became the owner of his painting “Autumn in the Carpathians”, which the Ukrainian artist painted, while traveling through nthese mountains, and presented to the singer on her birthday.