Marta Shpak welcomed Lemko Festival

Representative international delegation of Serbia, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine were members of the first V-Carpathian folk and ethnographic festival Lemko culture “Green Sunday is calling “, devoted to the 65th anniversary of the deportation of ethnic Ukrainian from Poland, held 12-13 June in the village. Pillar of the territory “Mikhailova bulb” on Rozhnyativsky district.

After the inauguration of the crowded event, which here in the tourist attractive “Mikhailova Kolyba restaurant,” carefully prepared after inflammation of the large traditional festival campfire concert led known far beyond Ukraine Lemkiv Folk Choir “Beskid” Ivano-Frankivsk Lemko Society, Honored Artist of Ukraine Marta Shpak – soloist of the Ensemble of Song and Dance of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (Kyiv) with exemplary folklore-ethnographic ensemble “Little Boyky” from Perehinske, pastor of the church “Heart of Jesus, Heart of Mary,” protoirey, adviser to the Bishop of Ivano- Frankivsk Eparchy of the city at the Valley. Witold Levitsky, choir “Dolenka” Company “Nadsyannya” from Kalush, People’s choreographic team Broshniv Sun, a children’s dance group model “Vodohrai” of town. Broshniv-Osada, Lemkivskyi family ensemble “Lemkivs’ki spark” from the Valley and many other groups.