Marta Shpak and “SKY” have sang at Lemko festival “The call of my heart”

Marta Shpak and Oleg Sobchuk, frontman of the rock-band “SKY”  has sang at VII International Carpathian folk-ethnographic festival of Lemko culture “The Call of My Heart”, which was held on July 13-14 at ‘Vatra field’ in the village of “Mykhajlo hut” in village Rivnya, Rozhnyativ district of Ivano -Frankivsk region.

The star duet performed not only author songs, but even tender Lemko folk songs.

All guests, spectators and fans of  both Marta Spak and band “SKY” were enjoying by their perfomance at the  festival gala-concert.

Everybody could also listen and watch the  authentic Lemko songs and dances of performers from Western Bojkivschyna, one dozen creative teams and individual singers from Ukraine, Poland, Serbia and USA, enjoying pleasant moments by ethnic music and dance.

There were also  feature exclusive products and crafts, folk applied art and crafts at the festival

Closed the festival with their songs Marta Shpak together with child exemplery folk ensemble “Little bojky”.