Marta Shpak and musical theater “LAD” in Easter concert of the First National Channel of Ukraine

In these difficult times for Ukraine sadness and anxiety don’t leave country even for a minute. But Easter is a special bright Holiday for Ukrainians. That’s why they attempt to celebrate it worthily and respectful although with a pain in the heart. And just songs of Marta Shpak, who is often called like “Soul of Ukraine”, continue help Ukrainians keep together with warm hearts and hope for a happy future.
This Sunday singer and musical theater “LAD” (director – Jamal Gvaramadze ) extended greetings to everybody with song ” The blooming Spring” in Easter concert of the First National Channel.
A lot of Ukrainain popular artists joined to the congratulations with wishes of peace and unity in the country too. Viktor Pavlik, Oksana Pekun Pavlo Zibrov, Anatoly Hnatiuk, Ivo Bobul, Alla Kudlay, VIE “Kobza”, Ivan Popovych, Svitlana and Vitaly Bilonozhko, Astraya, Stepan Giga, Nadiya Krutova-Shestak, Matias, the main producer of NTC Elija Noyabriov and music producer of the First National Channel Vlad Baginskyy.
Christ is Risen!

\”The blooming Spring\”