Marta Shpak and the Ukrainian Dance Ensemble “Zoloto” gave 25 concerts in Canada for visitors from around the world.

The world-renowned folk festival “Folklorama” recently took place in Winnipeg, where representatives of many nations living in Canada organized a national celebration in their own pavilion, offering their cuisine, displaying ethnic clothing, and, of course, showing their culture with concerts to their guest visitors.

This year’s Folklorama was incredible!  For two weeks with 46 pavilions of different ethnic groups, this festival showcased much of what makes Manitoba and Winnipeg outstanding places to live and visit.  Folklorama always displays an appreciation of diversity, strong community dedication, active volunteerism and a collective understanding of what multiculturalism means, while celebrating the vast array of peoples contained therein.  Nearly 20,000 Folklorama volunteers, performers, and organizers contributed to the huge success of this top-notch cultural event — the biggest and longest-running celebration of its kind in the world!

And the  Ukrainian pavilion “Spirit of Ukraine” had a special focus too, putting their emphasis not only on Ukrainian music, cuisine and dance, but also on Ukrainian melodic singing, which at the invitation of the organizers presented a wonderful singer from Ukraine, the Honoured Artist of Ukraine — Marta Shpak.

At every concert, the audience in the crowded arena shouted bravo to all the artists and especially during the performances of  Marta, who was accompanied by the Dance Ensemble “Zoloto” from Winnipeg. This group is led by Keris Matskiw and presents Ukrainian dance in a very professional manner. Many of the guests in the audience, as well as the volunteers of the
pavilion itself expressed their appreciation of Marta’s singing and her voice especially, despite not everyone understanding the Ukrainian language. But her music, voice and soul were a great pleasure from the first minutes of the singer at the stage. Yet, singer sang her popular song “Sopilka” with dance ensemble “Susydka” – talented and so beautiful children from Gardenton. And of course, the show always culminated with the famous “Hopak”, known for its quick steps and kozak stunts. “Our hearts and souls during the concerts were merged into one — one friendly and sincere Ukrainian family!” said Marta Shpak, moved to tears after the very last show! “And I must confess that this is my personal record — 25 concerts in 7 days. But they were a breeze and I hope to become a part of this truly remarkable Ukrainian event once again, experiencing the great joy which
is difficult to even describe in words.”

This accomplishment by the singer was truly remarkable for almost 6000 spectators from around the world watched the
stunning and surreal Ukrainian show! They enjoyed Marta’s powerful voice in song and received a well-wish of good for the whole year from the sincere Ukrainian soul, which is an integral part of the entire pavilion family in
Winnipeg called “Spirit of Ukraine”.

During this, her first stay in Manitoba, Marta Shpak also visited many Ukrainian churches, museums, organizations and even saw Gardenton, a small town in the southern part of the province, where the first Ukrainian immigrants to Canada settled. There, she prayed for these brave pioneers in the oldest Ukrainian church in Canada — St. Michael’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church built in 1899. Singer Marta Shpak thanks all the organizers of Folklorama and the friendly team at the “Spirit of Ukraine” pavilion, headed by Keris Matskiw and Scott Gordon. She wishes them well in life and further success in their important mission — to represent Ukraine in Canada.

Ahead of Marta Shpak lie concert performances on Ukrainian Independence Day in Toronto (August 24) with the ensemble “Ukraine”, and Ukrainian festivals in Montreal and Toronto, which will take place in early September.
She looks forward to spreading the Ukrainian culture through music and song in
Eastern Canada.