Marta Shpak sang for the winner of the Eurovision

June 26, 2011 Marta Shpak took part in the concert honoring Volodymyr Luciw “From Bystrica to the Thames,” which was held in Lviv.

Honored Artist of Ukraine, winner of the charming vocals immediately responded to the offer to perform on stage Lviv Philharmonic Society. With responsible actions are based not only its direct compatriots, but also the love of Ukrainian song.
“From Bystrica to the Thames” – a concert honoring Volodymyr Luciw – famous Ukrainian singer, banduryst, cultural and civic activist, organizer of the world tour for Ukrainian choirs, dance ensembles and even a grand event for John Paul Pope. In 1961 he became world famous thanks to the victory at the international song contest “Eurovision”, where he represented England at them, pits Tino Valdi.

Honoring outstanding compatriot, Marta Shpak with Orest Cymbals performed “Insurgent Tango”, which once served himself Volodymyr Luciw, and the entire second half of the concert made memorable by the bright performance with exemplary children’s folklore ensemble “Little Boyky.” Mr. Luciw was so fascinated that just said on the stage: “… I have seen a lot in my life, but so professional performance of children and its original, colorful combination of voice, creativity and beauty Marta Shpak – not never seen! BRAVO young artists ..! “

Now, Mr. Luciw though is a British national, but he does not forget about home and fully maintained talented youth of Ukraine. And Ukraine, in turn, is also proud of its distinguished son.