Marta Shpak presented Ukraine for all nation of the world at th FOLKLORAMA (Winnipeg, Monitoba, Canada)

Marta Shpak again represented Ukraine for all nations of the world at FOLKOLORAMA in Canada.
With Ukrainian dance ensemble and company “ZOLOTO” at the “Spirit of Ukraine Pavilion”.
In these difficult times for Ukraine performances of singer also were special. Marta have dedicated all her creative projects and performances in memory of “Heavenly Hundred”, that was actually supported by her songs at the Maidan – Independence Square in Kiev before all that tragical events; in memory of everyone who has already died in a war in the east, and of course, to all the heroes who still are courageously defending freedom in Ukraine in brutal battles.
“Ukrainian people deserve a fair and a better life. And each of us is trying to do everything we can, especially to tell the truth to the world about this! And I also want to express gratitude for Canada for supporting Ukraine! They are our true brotherly People “- Says Marta Shpak.

Also these days Marta have lost her the only one grandmother Pavlina that taught granddaughter to sing and raised her in Ukrainian patriotic traditions. Therefore Marta Shpak in her bright memory sang on stage the first song of her life “I’m small Ukrainian girl” with orchestra “Sich” from Winnipeg and, of course, attended Divine Liturgy in Ukrainian church. Because Monitoba is a home for one of the extra-large Ukrainian community.

As for to the Folklorama we want to remind that it is the largest and longest-running multicultural festival of its kind in the world, as determined by the International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts. Folklorama began in 1970 as a one-time celebration of Manitoba’s centennial, and has since grown to an annual two-week Festival of global culture and entertainment that takes place the first two weeks in August. Partnering with diverse ethno-cultural communities, the Folklorama Festival has attracted over 415,000 visits this year.

It was such a big pleasure that a lots of visitors have been admired by Spirit of Ukraine pavilion too and even special VIP guests like Winnipeg Royal Ballet soloists – Dmitri Dovgoselets, Egor Zdor and Tara Birtwhistle, as well as Justin Trudeau – politician, the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, eldest son of Pierre Trudeau – long-serving Prime Minister of Canada.

Marta Shpak is very grateful to all her team for the invitation and successful collaboration. Especially to Keris Matskiw with her family and to Scott Gordon. “I believe that one day the war will be finished and we will meet you in our beautiful country with all our Ukrainian hospitality. And Our God, please, help us!”

Glory to Ukraine!