Marta Shpak presented Ukraine to the Canadian Armed Forces

Ukrainian singer Marta Shpak and Interim Ambassador of the Consulate General of Ukraine, in Toronto, Lyudmila Davidovich along with a representative of the Central Office of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Vitaly Kuzmenko, presented Europe and Ukraine to the Canadian Military at the National Armed Forces College in Toronto.

This curricular event is organized annually which invites representative from other countries.

Undoubtedly, the Ukrainian songs and voice of Marta Shpak together with Ukrainian dancers from the “Barvinok” ensemble delighted their captivated audience. Singer has also charmed everybody singing both Anthems of Ukraine and Canada followed by a heart warming Thank you from the Ukrainian delegation for supporting Ukraine during its hard and difficult times of war! It was also a pleasure to listen to the speech by Commandant Richard Giguère who had mentioned that student Vitaly Kuzmenko is surely one of the most successful students of the year.