Martha Spak returned from the concert tour of the cities of Ukraine

Recently Marta Spak has returned from all-ukrainian concert’s tour accompanied by Academic Ensemble of Song and Dance of internal forces of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. From east to west, from the north to the Crimea, in central and in south Ukraine sounded songs of soloist of ensemble in the best concert halls.
Singer for many years faithfully working as a leading soloist of ensemble. She wrote and performed many of her own military songs, songs about Ukraine and other. Her concert performances with ballet and chorus of ensemble repeatedly watching the whole country and even Ukrainians worldwide in a live broadcast of the First National Channel. It’s nice that her song “We are for freedom, we are for peace” («Ми за волю, ми за мир») devoted to internal forces, is one of the most beloved anthems that even soldiers sing often with a singer at the concerts. But the highlight of her work in the military structure was the singing of this song with children’s folk ensemble “Little Bojky” (Маленькі бойки) on the celebration of the 20th Anniversary of internal forces of MIA of Ukraine.
Similarly in the national tour under the auspices of MIA and Main Department of Internal Forces of Ukraine the Honored Artist of Ukraine Marta Shpak and his colleagues on the stage namely National artists of Ukraine in the vocal quartet “Hetman”, Leonid Sandulenko and Valentina Stepova, Honored Artists of Ukraine Elizabeth Hawryluk, Oksana Nesterenko and Liubov Ivanova, band “Style”, soloists Catherine Pushkina, Vlad Zaitsev and Julia Podlesnaya and under the direction of chief of Ensemble Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine Victor Romanutskyy presented warm of their hearts audience with their dances and spiritual melodious songs and, of course, created an unforgettable impressions and pleasant memories for all and forever.
As part of the tour concerts attended not only residents of Zolochiv, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnytsky, Zhytomyr, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa, AR of “Crimea”, Kyiv and other, but also employees and veterans of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, soldiers, students, employees internal forces with families who just in minutes before the show filled the halls and at the end came out with sincere smiling faces, warm feedback and suggestions more than once to visit these wonderful concerts.
Entertainers such level as Academic Ensemble of Song and Dance of MIA of Ukraine is always coming in every corner of our country. And that they confirmed once again during the years of existence of the ensemble since 1943. “We are feeling that we fulfilled our important mission worthily and perfectly. We dream more than once to have so tour and we are grateful to all the organizers of so our professionally creative activities that the whole country has seen with their own eyes “- says Marta Shpak. But the mission of the ensemble is really important. Because artists of IF of MIA of Ukraine not only raise the morale of soldiers, but also the mood of people, decorate variety holidays and bring the audience to a high art, the feeling that we all are the one big beautiful strong talented and friendly family – Ukraine!