Marta Shpak supports Ukraine’s ARMY

Marta Shpak has crossed the ocean to further her education and continues to spread her messages of unity, faith and hope during her concerts in support of the Ukrainian people who are struggling to obtain true freedom and democracy while being forced into a war against the invading Russian military and terrorists in eastern Ukraine.

“Thank you to all who have helped in purchasing of the much needed Canadian manufactured Newcon Laser rangefinder binoculars that have a range of 6000m at a monetary value of 93,200hrn that will be shipped out to our Ukrainian soldiers serving at the front lines of defense.
Thank you to the team of “Active New Generation” led by Mykola Revuk (Kyiv), Euromaidan in Toronto and Ukrainian Canadian Congress, Antonina Kumka, Mariya Tsyaska, Ania Jacyniak , Oksana Cherchyk and Olexandr Kozoriz (USA). Also a Special Thank You, to the outlet, for giving us the best price deal on the purchased supplies and for honoring the set price, despite the significant fluctuations of the currencies.
The shipment of these binoculars will be sent this week and will reach the destination of “ATO” in care of our hero Volodymyr Kiyan !

No one wants a war, but the tensions are mounting. We hope that in the event of escalation that these devices will prove to save the lives of our heroes who are putting their lives at risk for freedom and democracy!

We also continuing to work hard together and pray God to help us! ”

With gratitude and all my heart Marta Shpak