Marta Shpak continues to support Ukrainian Army

Recently, Marta Shpak performed at the charity event “Lemko Malanka” in Toronto which brings the traditional Christmas Season to a close.

In addition to traditional Christmas carols, the singer performed Lemko songs, her own compositions and also “Prayer for Ukraine” accompanied by Canadian producer/musician Denny DeMarchi.  This was the very first public performance from these two extremely talented musicians since they have started to collaborate.

Keeping with tradition, at the end of the concert Marta sang the “Anthem of Ukraine” with Ukrainian/Canadian party rock band “Zapovid”, and all guests proudly joined in.

All collected funds will be sent to the Ukrainian Army in support of their heavy fight for Ukraine’s Independence, Freedom and Truth.

Marta Shpak expresses her deepest gratitude to The Lemko Association of Canada, The Ukrainian Canadian Congres, Larysa Bajus and organizers of this event for the invitation to perform on this memorable evening.  A special thank you from the bottom of her heart to Denny DeMarchi, photographers Ted VanBoort and Karen Uildersma, sound engineers Eugene Ivasiuk and Stephan Danko for the amazing collaboration and their support of Ukraine and Ukrainian music.

We sincerely hope that next year’s Christmas celebrations will not be shrouded by tragic events and that this cruel war will come to an end.  Ukraine deserves a happy and new beginning.

We send our respect and gratitude to all heroes fighting at the front line, and will never forget the civilians and military who lost their lives to enemy fire and bomb attacks.

As we pray for world peace, we know that true victory for Ukraine will be realized with global assistance… and with the Grace of God!