It is a big sorrow to announce that music producer Denny DeMarchi has passed away

It is with great sadness and grief we announce that music producer and one of the best friends of Marta Shpak Denny DeMarchy has passed away. The musicians worked together on a joint music album and new video works. The singer will continue to show their projects to the world as Denny wanted.

“Dear Denny, it is a great loss and grief for our entire team. You left a bright memory of kindness, courtesy and gratitude. It was like a fairy tale to collaborate with you and have such a golden friend next to me till the last day of your life. As promised, I will try to do everything to develop my talents. I know how much you worried about Ukraine and tried to help my work. It will never be forgotten… Thank you from the bottom of my heart! ” (M. Shpak).

Danny was a great multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, pianist and guitarist for the world tours of Dolores O’Riordan and The Cranberry from 2009-2011. DeMarchi played the keyboards for the number one hit of Billboard 1990 – ‘More Than Words Can Say’ for Alias, featured by his brother – guitarist Steve DeMarchi.

Our sincere condolences to all the DeMarchi family, especially to his brother Steve.

Rest in peace, our Angel, DennyDeMarchi.

Your music will always be on this earth and in our hearts!

Denny DeMarchi & Marta Shpak – \"Christmas Day\" / Official Video