Marta Shpak with Zoloto Ukrainian Dance Ensemble performed 26 spectacular shows honoring Ukraine before all nations during the Winnipeg’s Folklorama festival in Manitoba, Canada.

This was Ukrainian singer Marta Shpak’s third invitation to represent Ukraine during the World Folklorama Festival which is the largest and longest-running multicultural festival of its kind in the world (as determined in 2010 by CIOFF, the International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts).

Celebrating life and culture with world-class entertainment, delicious authentic food and beautiful cultural displays at Folklorama. Visiting the pavillions that were showcased by other countries during the two week festivitiess, one can feel the true essence of their culture without leaving Canada. From sampling traditional dishes, learning the history and social aspects which make each and every one of them unique, to sharing artistic and cultural virtues with other artists and performers. Each and every country presented outstanding performances to the delight of their audiences.

For the past 2 years, Ukraine has attracted global attention due to the tragic events occuring in our country. Everyone who attended our concerts in the Spirit of Ukraine Pavilion, shared their concerns and expressed their sympathy and support, with words of respect for our nation! It was an honor to see in our audience, prominent politicians and ministers of Canada who actively support Ukraine at the state level, especially Jason Kenney – Minister of National Defence and multiculturalism, which has just come back from Ukraine where the joint Ukrainian-Canadian military training will take place from September 2015 to 2017.
Each and every show was sold out and the entire hall was filled with enthusiastic and appreciative peoole, not only of Ukrainian heritage, but from other ethnic backgrounds as well. More than 10 thouthands spectators visited our shows this year.. and this impressed me the most. “- says Marta Shpak.

The crowds rose to their feet chanting “Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!” during the Ukrainian Hopak Dance! As the performances came to a close and as crowds were leaving the concert hall with the sense of elation, some people with happy tears in their eyes were asking “Will Marta Shpak be back next year?”.

This is another big step in the creative life of Marta Shpak and she is grateful to all the organizers and the creative team for their cooperation. Special gratitude extended to the producers of Spirit of Ukraine Pavilion Keris Matskiw, Shirley Matskiw and Scott Gordon.

“Gold Team” of Martha Shpak in Winnipeg promises that more and better shows will continue in the future!

Marta Shpak, singer and highly acredited performer of Ukraine has captivated audiences around the world with her dynamic voice, vibrant new songs and commanding stage performances. Now along with a new look, thanks to Canadian fashion designers Nina Couture and Rafael Edward, Marta Shpak’s future looks very bright and promising for the North American and continued global market.